What is the role on an interventionist?

A professional interventionist is the first step on the road to long-term sobriety. The interventionist has several meetings with the family and friends of the person of concern to discuss the best treatment options. The interventionist will then lead and aid the family in staging an effective intervention with the person of concern.

Do I really need a professional interventionist?

Yes. Families and friends of people within addiction can find it difficult to convince the person of concern that there IS a problem and that treatment needs to be sought. Often the person of concern believes that they can "do it on their own". They cannot. Staging a successful intervention on a loved one can be a tricky undertaking and is best left to a trained professional who is emotionally removed and has received training in persuasive methods.

How can I tell if my loved one needs help?

If you're on this website, then their addiction or substance use has become a problem for you. If it's a problem for the loved ones, then it IS a problem.

Do alcoholics need an intervention?


Alcoholism is a particularly difficult physical addiction to overcome due to its availability and social acceptance. Oftentimes family members do not realize the extent to which their loved one is physically addicted. This is often the case with alcohol.

Should our loved one hit rock bottom or ask for help before we seek the help of an interventionist?


If you are looking at this site, then your loved ones addiction or substance abuse is grave enough to warrant an intervention. Physical rock bottom is death. Far too often our loved ones don't think that they are at their bottom until they are at their physical rock bottom and it is too late.

What if we stage an intervention and our loved one will not agree to go for treatment?

By using a professional and trained interventionist, the overwhelming majority of cases result in the loved one choosing treatment.


Will an interventionist help us select a treatment center and deal with insurance?

Yes, it's what we do!

We are familiar with a range of treatment options and facilities and we will help you to find the best fit and solution for your loved one tailored to their needs.

Once a facility is decided upon, we will make arrangements for their stay.

Where will my person of concern go for treatment?

That depends. It depends on the types of addiction, any relevant issues of mental health disorder, available insurance and other financial considerations, and other relevant personal factors.